Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I got pissed of with .NET

From my college days I always use to hate Microsoft Technology. Though I use it. The reason are many one being they are not secure.

Any how I was trained in J2EE Stream (Infosys Mysore). Really I don't know what I did in Mysore because I know I don't know any thing about J2EE or Java. This is different matter.

When I came to Bangalore and joined SETLabs (Software Engineering and Technology Labs) I was asked to search for a good Visual Basic parser for designing search engine. My mentor Krishnakumar P. who is Principal Architect asked me to do some search and come up with results. I tried searching the huge information base but could not find anything which we were looking for. Finally he told me to learn Visual Basic .Net and develop a plugin for Visual Studio .Net 2005 IDE. I was really taken aback because I was not knowing what is plugin? I took a day to know what is plugin and how I should design the same. Finally I installed MSDN and started learning the about plugin. After three days I came to know that I in VS.NET 2005 and other version of the IDE they call plugin as AddIn.

That time I was not aware (now also) what all feature an IDE provide me. What are the feature of good IDE. Truly speaking I had no idea how to debug a piece code. I was not knowing whether code completion can be used or know. I spent almost 1 month in developing a small Add-In for Visual Studio .NET which use to POP up a message.

After this small work my mentor asked me to write a parser using Visual Studio .NET API which should able to parse the code and extract key information about the code. I tried a lot and could only get few things out of it. Visual Studio .NET does not provide you with a open Visitor Pattern which can be used. I was really pissed of by that.

Any how now I really hate .NET. If I am hurting any body's feeling except Microsoft I am sorry for the same.

Me in Bangalore City

I arrived in Bangalore on 6th of June after finishing my training in Mysore. Though I joined on 19th December I went home. So coming to Bangalore I was happy but also sick because I need to search house. On 26th of June. Earlier I stayed in Hotel, PG and finally I took a small house near to my Office. It takes just 1.5 minute to reach my house from Multilevel Parking of Infosys. In short my house is very near to my Office. There were more than one reason to go for this kind of accommodation.
  1. It is very near to my Office so I save a lot of time and energy. Bangalore traffic really make you sick.
  2. I need not buy a computer and have internet connection at home. Because I can use office computer and Internet at point of time. (I have two machines in Office. One having Linux OS and the other having Windows (really sucks). The configuration is really good, thanks to Narayan Murthy. My PC configuration is 3.0Ghz, 1GB RAM, 80 GB SATA hard disk and 17" TFT Screen.)
  3. I can wash my clothes in Laundry (Infosys hostel).
This being the point I stayed near campus.