Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I got pissed of with .NET

From my college days I always use to hate Microsoft Technology. Though I use it. The reason are many one being they are not secure.

Any how I was trained in J2EE Stream (Infosys Mysore). Really I don't know what I did in Mysore because I know I don't know any thing about J2EE or Java. This is different matter.

When I came to Bangalore and joined SETLabs (Software Engineering and Technology Labs) I was asked to search for a good Visual Basic parser for designing search engine. My mentor Krishnakumar P. who is Principal Architect asked me to do some search and come up with results. I tried searching the huge information base but could not find anything which we were looking for. Finally he told me to learn Visual Basic .Net and develop a plugin for Visual Studio .Net 2005 IDE. I was really taken aback because I was not knowing what is plugin? I took a day to know what is plugin and how I should design the same. Finally I installed MSDN and started learning the about plugin. After three days I came to know that I in VS.NET 2005 and other version of the IDE they call plugin as AddIn.

That time I was not aware (now also) what all feature an IDE provide me. What are the feature of good IDE. Truly speaking I had no idea how to debug a piece code. I was not knowing whether code completion can be used or know. I spent almost 1 month in developing a small Add-In for Visual Studio .NET which use to POP up a message.

After this small work my mentor asked me to write a parser using Visual Studio .NET API which should able to parse the code and extract key information about the code. I tried a lot and could only get few things out of it. Visual Studio .NET does not provide you with a open Visitor Pattern which can be used. I was really pissed of by that.

Any how now I really hate .NET. If I am hurting any body's feeling except Microsoft I am sorry for the same.

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