Monday, April 16, 2007

Clear Type Fonts

On Doug Schaefer blog I read his description of clear type fonts. Never before this, I was aware of Clear type fonts for which Microsoft has patent. Probably it is a good habit to write and read blogs which add to your knowledge this kind of things. Microsoft monopoly on Clear Type font may help them to get user like Doug or other who have spent their entire life in front of their system programming or reading and have bad eyes but it would definitely make them feel bad in long run. Yes I know it is all about the money which matters to any company let it Infosys or Microsoft but I suppose there is something called as moral binding to the community. The moral binding may not help Microsoft or any other company in world to improve their revenues but it would definitely make things better in long run.

I am pretty much impressed with Knuth the author of Theory of Computation whose books are not only hard to understand but hard to put away also. I downloaded his three volumes and was amazed by the fonts. Knuth may come up with something that can beat Microsoft clear type fonts. But he is busy with Volume 4 and 5. LaTex demonstrated Knuth’s dedication and interests in fonts.

Oh sorry I deviated from the fact of Clear Type fonts and it effects on me. Yes Doug blog hit me hard to try out clear type fonts on my system. Yes I downloaded the Clear Type fonts from Microsoft from their website and run the wizard. It worked fine. I didn’t feel much of difference or probably my eyes are good J. The second statement is just to convince that my eyes are good and I am in good health but I know it very well that that is not the case with my eyes. Yes I installed it and recommended the same to my friend Vishal Diwidi (whom people call DVD). To my surprise he too didn’t find it better than the earlier though his lenses are more powerful so his eyes are not as good as mine. Any how I don’t think it matters much here what it matter is he is Junior Research Assistant with M.S from IIIT – Hyderabad and is preparing for his GRE for his PhD at Georgia Tech.

Any how people can also try it out and let me know whether the clear type fonts work with you or they have the same effect as the earlier fonts have.

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