Thursday, September 20, 2007

Google Gears In Action

Google has revolutionized the cyber space. When Google is spelled the first thing comes to our mind is search though Google has other applications which are best of its kind in the industry. The Google application popular in our life depends upon our role in life. For example for a Web Developer Google Web Toolkit is the best thing.

Any how I am always fascinated by the Googler’s way of thinking. I worked for some time with Google Web Toolkit and now my focus is toward the latest buzz i.e Google Gears.

Though it was released few months back I could put my hand on it recently because it didn’t had authenticated proxy support for installation. I had to wait and I had thought that my wait is over when I had a project burden. So finally it was yesterday that I could install the application.

When I was learning Google Web Toolkit there were no good books available which could give details. Thanks to Manning recent release of GWT in Action which changed the way people use to look at GWT. I personally got fascinated by the fact of modularization. I would strongly recommend that book.

I am now looking forward for a Google Gears in Action. Though I am not sure whether it is right time to write a book but any book on Gear would be best seller. I suppose Manning Publication would wait for some more release of Gear and may be they combine Gears and GWT book.