Monday, December 17, 2007

Whether we aping American in all walks of life?

The recent killing of a student in Gurgaon the IT capital of North India was an eye opener for Indians. There are many faces to the scene. Here are a few of them.

I am not sure whether we are trying to ape American or aping some customs of America which is affecting us adversely. The Virgina Tech Massacre and the Gurgaon incident are having similarity. Both the incidents involve youth in a major crime such as murder, but this is a bitter truth. The Indian kids are becoming mentally imbalanced and this is a serious concern to the society at large. We are called as International standard compliant and to show the same our kids are demonstrating their skills in a totally wrong direction. Academic progress has relegated into the background.

The kids needs attention and as both the parents work and there is no one to take care of them properly the kids gets affected. This is the apparent reason why pschyo killer are in greater number in the US. Parents are an integral part of the children day to day activity and if children are denied attention, it is like mal- nutrition to kids.

A child picks up many traits from the parents without their knowledge. Parents should devote more time to their children and understand their problems. The mental problems with Indian kids have started from past two to three decade. For generations we didn't have problem with Indian kids. The reason is the change of culture. In India women were treated with respect and were never considered as bread earners. Though I am against gender bias but I still think it is better for woman to take care of house hold things rather than opt for a job outside the house. The women should understand the primary and most important job for them is to bring up her children. The success of a woman is measured by achievement of her children not by her earnings.

A working woman can bring happiness to the family but it can also vulcanize the family. Now it is up to us to choose our way.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is Android really Cool?

My earlier articles have always been on Google, so if you don't like them then probably this will make your taste worst. Yes this article too is on Google. Recently Google came up with its new open source operating system for Mobile. I am fan of open source and have always thought of contributing to it by writing code and fixing bugs. Till now I have not done it and the future looks bleak. I contribute to open source in a different way. My way is to inform people about open source and then asking them to try out the same. I am known as the marketing agent of Firefox in my company.

Android will defiantly change mobile computing world. The mobile vendors can now concentrate on making their hardware compatible with Android, which will cut down their the cost on the operating system. I am postponing my plan to buy mobile till I see Android on mobiles. This in a way is a contribution to open source, also it will reduce the cost price of my mobile.

I could get Android on my system after a bit of difficulty. Yesterday I installed the Android plugin for eclipse. So I am thinking of writing some real time application for Android but thoughts should not remain only thoughts because of scarcity of time.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Who Contributes to Indian Economy?

The Bull Run market answers the question with Y as first letter but I am not with it. What makes me think the other way is that we are just increasing the number of millionaires in India; we are not decreasing the number of people below poverty line. Increasing the number of millionaire may or may not decrease the people living below poverty line, but definitely it will not make the country richer. To make a country economically sound we have to look at people who contribute maximum to population. Do millionaires contribute to population majority in India?

The inflow of foreign exchange over the years was from Indian's who earned peanuts for their sweat. Majority of workforce works in the Gulf as daily wage worker. The daily wage workers are the one who contributes to Indian economy. They remained with our economy during thick and thin times. Investing money for a higher return is a good thing but it doesn't mean that you should not help your own motherland during its thin times. So who contributed to build economy? Millionaire or daily wage workers?

So to improve our economy we should not count the number of Indians in the millionaire list but we should try to improve the per capita income of the common man. Make people live above poverty line. The Indian economy will then increase in the true sense.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

India Knowledge Hub?

India is portrayed as a Knowledge hub but the real myth is some thing different. Indian working in IT giants like TCS, Infosys, Satyam mostly work on maintenance project. Very few of the Indian are really involved in hard core coding. This is evident from the Indian contribution to open source. There are few who really contribute in sense of code to the open source project and these open source contributor are sucked by US. I am not against brain drain but I am against companies who pay hefty pay cheque for brand building to westerner. When they are asked about the same they portray it as diversity. Yes it is diversity but there should not be any diversity on basis of cast and creed. The same work can be done by our open source contributor but they are never paid handsomely for their efforts.

The main reason why we Indians lag behind is we are self centered. We should bring an attitude change in Indians to make contribution to global knowledge center. This attitude change should be brought during childhood. But most of us can't help right so the next step should be at the institute from which they draw the bread. If try imbibe positive attitude in people defiantly there is going to be reverse brain drain. Most Indians love India but they don't love Indian attitude.

Hats off to Manmohan Sigh, Montek Ahilwaliya, P. Chidambaram, these people are qualified but have spent their life in India. These people tried to make India a better place to live for other Indians. There are always some exception to the rule in every feild and I want to see these exception becoming a norm. I want India to be a truly global temple. We need people who dedicate their life more for the underprivileged people, come out with strategy and improve India. We need many Manmohan Singh and Montek Ahilwaliya who can earn billion abroad but still prefer to serve their own country. We don't need people who earn billions with the help of Indian economy but when it comes for the contribution toward politics they abscond. Yes I am pointing to N. R. Naryan Murthy. I admire him as he laid down the foundation of a great company Infosys but I would have admired him more if he would have made contribution like Manmohan Singh.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Criminal: General Public or Auto Driver

Fighting for wrong with Pen is in my blood, this is a hereditary trait. So let me get to the point of fighting. Is fighting really a good job? The answer to it is big NO. But in few of the cases it is necessary. The same was the case with me on 27th November. I had been out and was hiring an auto. Most of the Auto Drivers were not ready to go on such a short distance. Though I could have fought for the same but I didn't. But real pain was when the Auto Drivers asked for 1.5 times the fare or 20 rupee extra on meter.

Yesterday the same thing happened to me. The drivers were really adamant and I also got the same fever as they had. Though my view is to earn money the right way, what we call as "Halal Ki Kamai" in Urdu. I also have thought as far as possible that I should not let other cheat me knowingly (Earn Harm Ki Kamai). Yesterday when the Auto Drivers asked for 1.5 times the fare or 20 rupee extra I refused. I was getting late but my point was no one pays me extra. They will neither tell me" Allahbaksh today you can take 10 rupee extra" nor I can ask that today you give me 1.5 days salary or 10% higher salary than the previous day.

I tried to put my point to several auto drivers and finally one agreed and charged me by meter. I have a point to make here is why people don't fight for their rights. They just give some extra money and make society a worse place not only for them for others too.