Monday, December 03, 2007

Criminal: General Public or Auto Driver

Fighting for wrong with Pen is in my blood, this is a hereditary trait. So let me get to the point of fighting. Is fighting really a good job? The answer to it is big NO. But in few of the cases it is necessary. The same was the case with me on 27th November. I had been out and was hiring an auto. Most of the Auto Drivers were not ready to go on such a short distance. Though I could have fought for the same but I didn't. But real pain was when the Auto Drivers asked for 1.5 times the fare or 20 rupee extra on meter.

Yesterday the same thing happened to me. The drivers were really adamant and I also got the same fever as they had. Though my view is to earn money the right way, what we call as "Halal Ki Kamai" in Urdu. I also have thought as far as possible that I should not let other cheat me knowingly (Earn Harm Ki Kamai). Yesterday when the Auto Drivers asked for 1.5 times the fare or 20 rupee extra I refused. I was getting late but my point was no one pays me extra. They will neither tell me" Allahbaksh today you can take 10 rupee extra" nor I can ask that today you give me 1.5 days salary or 10% higher salary than the previous day.

I tried to put my point to several auto drivers and finally one agreed and charged me by meter. I have a point to make here is why people don't fight for their rights. They just give some extra money and make society a worse place not only for them for others too.

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