Thursday, December 13, 2007

Is Android really Cool?

My earlier articles have always been on Google, so if you don't like them then probably this will make your taste worst. Yes this article too is on Google. Recently Google came up with its new open source operating system for Mobile. I am fan of open source and have always thought of contributing to it by writing code and fixing bugs. Till now I have not done it and the future looks bleak. I contribute to open source in a different way. My way is to inform people about open source and then asking them to try out the same. I am known as the marketing agent of Firefox in my company.

Android will defiantly change mobile computing world. The mobile vendors can now concentrate on making their hardware compatible with Android, which will cut down their the cost on the operating system. I am postponing my plan to buy mobile till I see Android on mobiles. This in a way is a contribution to open source, also it will reduce the cost price of my mobile.

I could get Android on my system after a bit of difficulty. Yesterday I installed the Android plugin for eclipse. So I am thinking of writing some real time application for Android but thoughts should not remain only thoughts because of scarcity of time.

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