Monday, December 17, 2007

Whether we aping American in all walks of life?

The recent killing of a student in Gurgaon the IT capital of North India was an eye opener for Indians. There are many faces to the scene. Here are a few of them.

I am not sure whether we are trying to ape American or aping some customs of America which is affecting us adversely. The Virgina Tech Massacre and the Gurgaon incident are having similarity. Both the incidents involve youth in a major crime such as murder, but this is a bitter truth. The Indian kids are becoming mentally imbalanced and this is a serious concern to the society at large. We are called as International standard compliant and to show the same our kids are demonstrating their skills in a totally wrong direction. Academic progress has relegated into the background.

The kids needs attention and as both the parents work and there is no one to take care of them properly the kids gets affected. This is the apparent reason why pschyo killer are in greater number in the US. Parents are an integral part of the children day to day activity and if children are denied attention, it is like mal- nutrition to kids.

A child picks up many traits from the parents without their knowledge. Parents should devote more time to their children and understand their problems. The mental problems with Indian kids have started from past two to three decade. For generations we didn't have problem with Indian kids. The reason is the change of culture. In India women were treated with respect and were never considered as bread earners. Though I am against gender bias but I still think it is better for woman to take care of house hold things rather than opt for a job outside the house. The women should understand the primary and most important job for them is to bring up her children. The success of a woman is measured by achievement of her children not by her earnings.

A working woman can bring happiness to the family but it can also vulcanize the family. Now it is up to us to choose our way.


Anonymous said...

At that rate every kid that was raised by a single dad or a widower must be a criminal. Sorry to say, being a man yourself, you have indeed underestimated a father's role in bringing up the child. Respecting all 3 genders (and I mean THREE) is something that parents, education and society must teach.
Each one unfortunately learns what they want to learn.

Unknown said...

It is not the fact that every kid raised by single dad, mom. The only thing is concentration, love, affection.

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