Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Who Contributes to Indian Economy?

The Bull Run market answers the question with Y as first letter but I am not with it. What makes me think the other way is that we are just increasing the number of millionaires in India; we are not decreasing the number of people below poverty line. Increasing the number of millionaire may or may not decrease the people living below poverty line, but definitely it will not make the country richer. To make a country economically sound we have to look at people who contribute maximum to population. Do millionaires contribute to population majority in India?

The inflow of foreign exchange over the years was from Indian's who earned peanuts for their sweat. Majority of workforce works in the Gulf as daily wage worker. The daily wage workers are the one who contributes to Indian economy. They remained with our economy during thick and thin times. Investing money for a higher return is a good thing but it doesn't mean that you should not help your own motherland during its thin times. So who contributed to build economy? Millionaire or daily wage workers?

So to improve our economy we should not count the number of Indians in the millionaire list but we should try to improve the per capita income of the common man. Make people live above poverty line. The Indian economy will then increase in the true sense.


Anonymous said...

Well written article.

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