Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Google Chrome

Google decision to come up with its own browser was definitely expected but I had not thought it would have been so soon. One of my friend who works in Google had informed me during a conversation in February 2008 that Google is going to come up with its own browser. But I had not taken it so seriously because release of Firefox 3.0 made me think that Google is going to contribute towards improvement of Firefox browser. Firefox is my favorite browser and I still vote for Firefox because it is not trying to dominate the Internet as Microsoft was doing and Google is trying the same.

Having Google Gear integrated with the browser and other cool stuff like history of recent site visited is definitely are added feature of Google Chrome but when you consider this with Mozilla Ubiquity or number of other great plugins, Google Chrome doesn't fit the picture.

Google also disheartened Linux user by not releasing Google Chrome for Linux. Whether Firefox will survive its market share or not is different issue but the greater issue is one more Browser War will start. Microsoft IE 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome who will win the battle is a question which is difficult to answer. Definitely IE 8 will be out of picture in few day. The other two big guns probably will have equal market share in near future.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Leaving Mumbai

Leaving your birth city is always difficult. The city which gave you shelter, food when you just opened your eyes remain always close to your heart. Same was the case with me for Mumbai. Being born in Mumbai I always loved it. Though personally I don’t like the climate of Mumbai but given the fact that it home to millions of industrial worker the heat is very minimal.

20th Morning was the uneventful day. I woke up early in the morning and started chatting with Minh on GTalk. The other famous past time for me now has become writing and reading blog. So I was busy in that till 8:45. Breakfast call came from my Mother who was feeling that I have become aloof from the time I have got laptop. Many stories were told in my college days by my friends and relatives about my Computer and me. Few even made comment that I would give my heart the sleekest and powerful computer rather than a beautiful girl. Any how on the breakfast table every one was quite. My father was supposed to leave on that day evening, so the mood was upset. My father spoke less as he was also feeling home sick. Shams was as usual boosting and talking about his college. I was listening to the conversation and mentally deciding what to pack and how? I handed over the medicine to my father (Blood Pressure) and suddenly remembered that I had to still eat Mango. I was not able to eat mango last night because I was feeling nostalgic about the time we spend in Ujjain. It was nice trip and we had enjoyed it a lot. After eating Mango I kept my cell phone for charging and started packing my baggage. I removed my T-Shirt because it was not fitting in my bag (as T-Shirt place was occupied by two shirts which I had left in Hubli). We all moved to master bed room where my father spoke to us on general topic. It ranged from Arabic literature to Cultural differences. It was informative session.

The clock struck 10.00 when I decided to start getting ready. After getting ready and putting my laptop in the bag I spoke to my mother who was complaining that I didn’t spend much of my time with her. At 10:20 my father, Taha and me left hotel. I was supposed to buy sweets for my friends who have asked for it. The sweet shop was next to the hotel. My father wanted me to buy some thing more but he could see that there was absolutely no place in my bag. I kept the sweet in my bag and we crossed the road. I fixed a Taxi to Sion and said Adie to all. I was feeling very sad. I had met my father after a long time. It was very short stay with my father which often makes me feel guilty.

The Taxi zoomed. The driver was in his early 40s. His moustache was prominently visible and it was looking that it has underlined the most important part of him, his nose. His nose was straight and it looked perfect on his face. Some of his hairs were turning gray. His hands were thick and were covered with hairs.

We reached Sion at 11:00 A.M and I went to medical store to buy Gelusil tablet. This was the same place from where most of the buses depart. The big mall which houses multiplex was prominent there and youngster were buzzing there to buy the tickets.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

AirTel Mumbai Network Down

This was second time in my stint with AirTel service provider. The AirTel network is completely down. The first time it was early Saturday morning. I had tough time to contact my mother. The network was repaired in few hours. By 10A.M that day I was able to contact my friends.

But today it is difficult. Though whole family is together so there is not a tension about contacting each other but then too I don’t why we feel so unsecured with out our mobile phone? Is it phobia?

AirTel network was used by whole of our family member. I don’t know the reason. For me it was the connectivity and service for others too I suppose it was same. But things like complete network black out would result in breaking our confidence, trust with the service provider.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Google’s Android on Nokia N810

Getting Android based mobile phone is my dream but how about trying to install Android. This thought came to my mind in BarCampHubballi. So finally it lead me to search. I came through series of post where people have installed Android on Nokia N810. It is cool. It is good is the response in the forum. I will also one day buy Nokia N810 and install Android on it. Being a fan of Nokia from long time I still think it is better to try my self to install the operating system rather than waiting to buy the new HTC phone.

The only thing I am worried is whether I am going to use all the feature of it? Whether I bought the laptop for no good reason? What is actual use to that Android based phone when I rarely use my mobile phone application? The cost of N810 is roughly 20000 INR.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

My new Laptop

Finally two week back I decided to buy a Laptop with 2.5GHz Core 2 Duo with 4GB RAM with Blue Ray disk and 256Mb graphics memory. Surprisingly there was no change in the configuration which I ordered and what I have received. I have changed my mind about buying a laptop from past one year. My father was really bored and frustrated the way I use to give him assignment of finding the cheapest laptop with my configuration. Before buying my Laptop 4 people bought laptop with my help and all of them were happy. So I thought my technological skills are good enough to order a Laptop for me.

So my Laptop arrived in Hubli with the help of my cousin Kaisar Ahmed Khatib who also had written formulae for me in my Ist year PUC. Thankfully he brought the laptop with utmost care.

When I opened my Laptop I saw it only has 3GB RAM. I was sad, because getting a 4GB laptop was my dream from the time when I had visited Microsoft Tech Vista 2007. The person there had 8Gb of RAM. I informed my father and he immediately called the shop. The shop owner informed that check it in Bios. Later I figured it out that was because I was using 32 bit windows Vista (genuine first time). After finding out from the forum I could figure out the best way to use maximum RAM on 32 bit machine is to install Vista SP1. Though you will not able to use the entire 4GB RAM but it really improves performance and you can use 3.2 odd GB of your RAM.

Infosys bulletin board was great help to get the Vista SP1. I have to install it on my machine and my friends machine to whom I had asked the same.

Thanks to my father for his effort and time to get the Laptop and Kaisar Khatib to get it to Hubli from Sharjah undamaged.

Infosys bulletin board was great help to get the Vista SP1. I have to install it on my machine and my friends machine to whom I had asked the same.

Thanks to my father for his effort and time to get the Laptop and Kaisar Khatib to get it to Hubli from Sharjah undamaged.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Google Gears Finally installed on my Office Machine

Getting Google gears installed on my machine was more than a Hurricane task given our network constraint. I tried several times downloading gears setup but it was not able to connect to the gears install server to install it properly.

I should Thank to Kishore one of my best friends. I don’t know I am so much obliged by god who had given me friend like, Kishore Indukuri Varma, Sai Deepak, Sunil Vuppula, Adi and Siva I can’t forget them for whole of my life. Though these guys are from premier institute of India they are down to earth and

Sunday, June 08, 2008

No Use of Blogger Tool Plugin in Infy Network

Thought of having Blogging plugin. So that I can more often blog. But Infy network had blocked all bloggin website. So was unsuccessful with the plugin. Now finding a plugin for MyCantos. It will be really cool to have a plugin for something like MyCantos.

Twitter Plugin for Firefox

I was very much disappointed two week back when I was not able to see twitter in Gmail IM client. I don't know what is the problem. Still I am unable to see the same. So decided to add once again twitter as a friend. But to my disappointment it was still showing gray. Finally installed a plugin for Firefox (I love firefox for this).


Finally I gave shape to my thought to have a BarCamp at Hubli. Please follow the link below and help the community. Again as usual it is my open source spirit which is making me work late night and early morning.

My friend Nanditha gave me a great support. She agreed to help me out in organizing BarCamp. Hope her spirit and dedication remains the same till BarCamp is finished.

Prof. Rohini Jyoti and Patanshetti were also of great help. Because they readily agreed on my suggestion.

Hope we keep you people updated and conduct a successful BarCamp in Hubli

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