Thursday, June 19, 2008

Google Gears Finally installed on my Office Machine

Getting Google gears installed on my machine was more than a Hurricane task given our network constraint. I tried several times downloading gears setup but it was not able to connect to the gears install server to install it properly.

I should Thank to Kishore one of my best friends. I don’t know I am so much obliged by god who had given me friend like, Kishore Indukuri Varma, Sai Deepak, Sunil Vuppula, Adi and Siva I can’t forget them for whole of my life. Though these guys are from premier institute of India they are down to earth and

Sunday, June 08, 2008

No Use of Blogger Tool Plugin in Infy Network

Thought of having Blogging plugin. So that I can more often blog. But Infy network had blocked all bloggin website. So was unsuccessful with the plugin. Now finding a plugin for MyCantos. It will be really cool to have a plugin for something like MyCantos.

Twitter Plugin for Firefox

I was very much disappointed two week back when I was not able to see twitter in Gmail IM client. I don't know what is the problem. Still I am unable to see the same. So decided to add once again twitter as a friend. But to my disappointment it was still showing gray. Finally installed a plugin for Firefox (I love firefox for this).


Finally I gave shape to my thought to have a BarCamp at Hubli. Please follow the link below and help the community. Again as usual it is my open source spirit which is making me work late night and early morning.

My friend Nanditha gave me a great support. She agreed to help me out in organizing BarCamp. Hope her spirit and dedication remains the same till BarCamp is finished.

Prof. Rohini Jyoti and Patanshetti were also of great help. Because they readily agreed on my suggestion.

Hope we keep you people updated and conduct a successful BarCamp in Hubli

Visit BarCampHubbali wiki and contribute