Monday, July 14, 2008

Google’s Android on Nokia N810

Getting Android based mobile phone is my dream but how about trying to install Android. This thought came to my mind in BarCampHubballi. So finally it lead me to search. I came through series of post where people have installed Android on Nokia N810. It is cool. It is good is the response in the forum. I will also one day buy Nokia N810 and install Android on it. Being a fan of Nokia from long time I still think it is better to try my self to install the operating system rather than waiting to buy the new HTC phone.

The only thing I am worried is whether I am going to use all the feature of it? Whether I bought the laptop for no good reason? What is actual use to that Android based phone when I rarely use my mobile phone application? The cost of N810 is roughly 20000 INR.

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