Monday, July 21, 2008

Leaving Mumbai

Leaving your birth city is always difficult. The city which gave you shelter, food when you just opened your eyes remain always close to your heart. Same was the case with me for Mumbai. Being born in Mumbai I always loved it. Though personally I don’t like the climate of Mumbai but given the fact that it home to millions of industrial worker the heat is very minimal.

20th Morning was the uneventful day. I woke up early in the morning and started chatting with Minh on GTalk. The other famous past time for me now has become writing and reading blog. So I was busy in that till 8:45. Breakfast call came from my Mother who was feeling that I have become aloof from the time I have got laptop. Many stories were told in my college days by my friends and relatives about my Computer and me. Few even made comment that I would give my heart the sleekest and powerful computer rather than a beautiful girl. Any how on the breakfast table every one was quite. My father was supposed to leave on that day evening, so the mood was upset. My father spoke less as he was also feeling home sick. Shams was as usual boosting and talking about his college. I was listening to the conversation and mentally deciding what to pack and how? I handed over the medicine to my father (Blood Pressure) and suddenly remembered that I had to still eat Mango. I was not able to eat mango last night because I was feeling nostalgic about the time we spend in Ujjain. It was nice trip and we had enjoyed it a lot. After eating Mango I kept my cell phone for charging and started packing my baggage. I removed my T-Shirt because it was not fitting in my bag (as T-Shirt place was occupied by two shirts which I had left in Hubli). We all moved to master bed room where my father spoke to us on general topic. It ranged from Arabic literature to Cultural differences. It was informative session.

The clock struck 10.00 when I decided to start getting ready. After getting ready and putting my laptop in the bag I spoke to my mother who was complaining that I didn’t spend much of my time with her. At 10:20 my father, Taha and me left hotel. I was supposed to buy sweets for my friends who have asked for it. The sweet shop was next to the hotel. My father wanted me to buy some thing more but he could see that there was absolutely no place in my bag. I kept the sweet in my bag and we crossed the road. I fixed a Taxi to Sion and said Adie to all. I was feeling very sad. I had met my father after a long time. It was very short stay with my father which often makes me feel guilty.

The Taxi zoomed. The driver was in his early 40s. His moustache was prominently visible and it was looking that it has underlined the most important part of him, his nose. His nose was straight and it looked perfect on his face. Some of his hairs were turning gray. His hands were thick and were covered with hairs.

We reached Sion at 11:00 A.M and I went to medical store to buy Gelusil tablet. This was the same place from where most of the buses depart. The big mall which houses multiplex was prominent there and youngster were buzzing there to buy the tickets.

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