Monday, February 16, 2009

Building GWT from Source

Checking out GWT Source code from the SVN

  1. Check out GWT Code from into d:/gwt
  1. Check out GWT tools from
    into D:/gwt_tools

  2. Download Ant if you don’t have it. and unzip it into d:/ant folder.
Note: GWT Tools is a big project

Setting Path

  1. Create user’s variable and Name as GWT_TOOLS and Variable value as D:/gwt_tools

Optional depending upon if you have already configured the ANT on your machine.

  1. Edit Environment Variables. In System Variable append;D:\ant\apache-ant-1.7.1\bin; to your PATH variable.

  2. Create user’s variable and Name as ANT_HOME and Variable value as D:\ant\apache-ant-1.7.1

Verify whether ant is set up properly by typing ant on command prompt.

Building GWT

  1. Change directory to build tools by
    typing ‘cd d:/gwt/build-tools’
    on Command prompt

  2. Type ant on command prompt.

    1. Three Jar files will be created in d:/gwt/build/lib
i. ant-gwt.jar
ii. ant-customchecks.jar

  1. cd d:/gwt/dev

  2. Type ant on command prompt
    1. gwt-dev-XXX.jar file for respective, linux, mac and windows are
      created in d:/gwt/build/lib
XXX stands for the OS
    1. Another jar is created name gwt-dev-oophm.jar. This is the Out of Process Hosted
      Mode debugging.

  1. Type cd d:/gwt/users and build using ant
    1. gwt-user.jar
  1. Type cd d:/gwt/servlet and build using ant
    1. gwt-servlet.jar is created

You can use GWT Latest build and experiment on coolest features of


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