Thursday, February 19, 2009

Building GWT OOPHM from Source

Checking out GWT Source code from the SVN

1. Check out OOPHM Code from into d:/oophm
(Use SVN
2. Check out GWT tools from into D:/gwt_tools
3. Download Ant if you don’t have it. and unzip it into d:/ant folder

Note: GWT Tools is a big project. If you already have it because you have built GWT project from SVN then use the same.

Setting Path

1. Create user’s variable and Name as GWT_TOOLS and Variable value as D:/gwt_tools
Optional depending upon if you have already configured the ANT on your machine.

2. Edit Environment Variables. In System Variable append;D:\ant\apache-ant-1.7.1\bin; to your PATH variable.
3. Create user’s variable and Name as ANT_HOME and Variable value as D:\ant\apache-ant-1.7.1

Building GWT OOPHM

1. Change directory to build tools by typing ‘cd d:/oophm’ on Command prompt
2. Type ant on command prompt. (D:\tools\oophm\oophm1\plugins\xpcom\prebuilt)
3. In d:/oophm/build/staging the complete gwt build is available. Please note the plugin folder contains the Firefox and IE plugin. There is plugin in D:/oophm/plugin/xpcom/prebuilt/ oophm-xpcom.xpi.
4. You need to install the appropriate plugins to the browsers.
5. If you are using Firefox as default browser then just drop oophm-xpcom.xpi in it and it will install the plugin for firefox.
6. Include gwt-dev.jar in classpath and remove previous gwt-dev-XXX.jar.
7. Start debugging the project as usually you use to do. You will see different shell which popsup. It will try to open firefox or the default browser with the URL which gets printed in bottom Console. (In my case the firefox could not open by default. So I copied the URL in the browser navigation text bar and it worked).
8. You can now debug your application and get all the advantages.

Advantages of Out of Process Hosted Mode Debugging

1. The Debugging is fast.
2. You can use browser of your choice for example Firefox, IE and the you can choose any version of the browser.


1. As of now the compilation does not work from Hosted Mode Shell.


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