Wednesday, March 25, 2009

OOPHM with GWT 1.6 Trunk

With the wiki article on the gwt project I thought it is nice time to write what are the advantages and of GWT OOPHM.

Here is experience of any young developer.

1)      The Firefox plugin has some problem on windows. When I started my Hosted mode it threw a dialog box displaying message that OOPHM plugin (blah blah) not found though I have installed the plugin from the location pointed by wiki.

2)      As I had the plugin available I installed the plugin from my built. (I just searched for *.xpi) I installed both the *.xpi file.

3)      I installed IE plugin using the procedure described and it threw the following diaglog.

4) When I started debugging I could see the Hosted mode now supports Jetty. Below is the image of the same.

5) In firefox it worked fine. But in IE I was getting some problem. In short I was not able to get the desired application running in IE.
Good Things about OOPHM

1. It is very light weight and works fantastic.
2. Supports IE, Firefox on windows (I have not checked how install plugin for Safari.

Some Things which we expect soon
1. Compile button enabled
2. Should support Chrome (Fastest Browser), Safari on Windows and Opera.
3. The annoying message in Firefox about plugin not found should be removed.
4. IE plugin and other issues on IE to be fixed.

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