Tuesday, December 25, 2012

A programmer's Letter to his Girl Friend

Dear Ruby,
Good Morning,
I hope this letter finds you in best of your health and mood. I still miss the time which we spent together.
As promised, I reached Java city. I was waiting at the Jetty. The Sun was about set, and moon was throwing its light vibrantly. I waited there for hours. I had forgotten to tell you that I had brought a Perl ring to give it to you.
I am sorry the other day night I barged into your home using Windows. I had just come to again make you happy.  The Droid saw me and ANT bit me. Somehow I managed to hide myself using your Tapestry, from your father. With great difficulty, I came out of the house and then the Tomcat crossed my way. I started my Apache, but the scout caught me. He Rivted me on Ivy’s tree with great difficulty I escaped. I zoomed at highest velocity but was soon caught by police to whom I have to pay the fine.
I think, I was not lucky enough. I don’t know why you are angry with me. I often think about the good days we had.
I still remember the visit to Zoo where we rode on the Elephant, Camel and Rhino. I met the Zoo Keeper he was asking about your well-being. The Mahout who was favorite of all, has retired.
Do you remember the visit to city Abdera. The city had a lot of fun to offer. I remember the Solr Eclipse day when we visited your aunt, and she served Onion pakoda. I can’t forget the coffee which was too sweet. We chewed the same Eclairs chocolate symbolizing our love and affection in front of your aunt. I still feel we are made for each other except the fact that the love of technology is hampering our relation.
I often visit the university Jena and sit by the River Saale to ponder over the Chemistry between us. There are few things, which were common and others were so different that people could think we were opposite pole and hence attract each other.
Hope I get to hear your Audi whirr soon. I will be waiting at Agora.
Warm Regards,